MixMob Player Guide


Glossary for terms used in the NFT Culture Catalog
A-1: A-1 is the name the MixMob have given the artificial super-intelligence with unknown origins that orchestrated The Great Delete, the moment that changed the world.
The Crew: A group of fun-loving cyberpunks who stumbled across A-1's encoded messages and sent out a global warning with instructions for Gen0 Masks.
Gen0 Mask: Gen0 masks are mutable NFTs that act as a one-of-a-kind identity in game, and evolve as you level up on your journey
Genesis Glitch: A cube-like energy source, believed to be created by The Great Delete, found by the Crew on their escape from the Surface to the Subdomain. Only recently have the Crew been able to begin to unlock its potential.
Glitch Pixel: Within the MixLab the Crew have discovered how to fractionalize the Genesis Glitch into smaller pieces called Glitch Pixels. These Glitch Pixels maintain the Genesis Glitch's power.
The Surface: The portion of the MixMob universe that is controlled by A-1. his is best described as anywhere above ground where A-1 and its bot army have humanity under its augmented reality control.
NFT: NFT stands for Non-fungible Tokens. NFTs are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replaced that live on their respective blockchain.
MixBot: Buildable racing robots to advance a player's influence and prestige.
Remix Culture: A culture, ideal, and social construct revolving around the recombination of everything from fashion, art, music, architecture, language to produce new or modified versions of each promoting creativity and community.
User Generated Content: Story arcs, universe art, music, avatar and mask traits, etc. that have been created by the MixMob community and inserted into the MixMob universe as canon.