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Welcome to the Uprising

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if you experienced the deletion of humanity's culture by a sentient A.I.? Unthinkable? No. Improbable? Who knows? Don't worry, you have a few seconds before you need to act on your first instinct.....
The following responses would most likely render you fodder for HELIX-9's C-Bots:
  • We better find a place to hide.
  • Quick, gather whatever you can carry and run!
  • Man, I was looking forward to presenting my TPS reports to the executives on Monday.
The one and only correct answer is race your MixBots against others for fame and respect in remixed reality arenas that pop up around the globe! So grab your Mask, challenge other Subdomainers in high-stakes races, and help rechain our culture!