What Does MixMob Stand For?

MixMob - Race, Raid, Remix, Repeat

The three main ideals of MixMob is Racing, Raiding and Remixing. Racing - The main focus of those who crave admiration and adrenaline. MixBot Racers are the heart and soul of the Uprising. They can be found either tinkering with their MixBots to gain the slightest edge over their opponents or on the Surface challenging all who cross their path on their way to MixMob immortality.
Raiding - Those less inclined to jump headlong into confrontation can level up their MixBots through Surface raiding. Successful raiders will be able to both level their MixBot as well as be rewarded with sweet treasures.
Remixing - Have you ever wanted to become a culture maker/influencer? We here at MixMob understand that not everyone has god-like TikTok skills so don't you worry, MixMob has you covered. Through the MixMob Marketplace anyone can create sick new fashion and looks for player avatars and MixBots that other players can purchase and build your culture empire.


MixMob’s community is the life blood of our project. We are creating a truly unique universe where contributions and content provided by the community are essential to that creation. We have a truly talented and passionate community. MixMob believes that the ecosystem and the assets forged from the growth of the ecosystem will become increasingly valuable as a result of the creativity, engagement, and contributions from the community.
This user generated content will have several points of impact within the ecosystem from the perspectives of create-to-earn, lore creation, brand awareness, and game assets.

What is the MixMob Player Guide?

The MixMob Player Guide is a living breathing document outlining the MixMob ecosystem and journey. Included within the catalog will be descriptions of each phase of the project and questing mechanics as well as key information related to the individual phases.

What can people expect the Player Guide to provide?

Readers can expect the MixMob Player Guide to provide the following:
  • Up-to-date information regarding past and present NFT journey phases;
  • Glossary of terms used in the various NFT journey phases descriptions;
  • Teases on future NFT journey phases; and
  • Much much moar.