๐Ÿ“–Gen0 Masks and Subdomain Lore

Just prior to the Great Delete the Crew sent a mass email containing crude instructions on how to build, what they believed was, a defense against what was to come. This defense was called Gen0 Masks. Only 5,000 humans were able to construct their Gen0 Masks prior to being found by HELIX-9โ€™s bots. In their haste they were able to cobble together various materials which included precious metals (gold) and random matter (Lego, goo, Luchador masks, etc.). However, some were able to harness a mysterious element that appeared directly after the Great Delete. The Glitch element. The power of the Glitch is only beginning to be understood by the Crew in our MixLab.

Just under the Surface within the Subdomain lies the Uprising - A global network of humans who escaped the hostile takeover of humanity following the Great Delete. A group hellbent on rebuilding and rechaining humanityโ€™s culture and reclaiming the Surface from the rogue A.I. known as HELIX-9. Whether in abandoned subway tunnels, parking garages, or bomb shelters, out of view of the ever present Surface bots, resistance cells all over the globe have begun to congregate. Different parts of the globe foster unique culture innovations but these cells are all working towards the same goal: retake the Surface and our Culture. However, the need for speed has overcome many and has led to the birth of an underground MixBot racing subculture that dominates the current MixMob landscape.

The Gen0 Masks allow for members of the Uprising to travel to the Surface and evade the facial recognition scans by C-Bots for a limited amount of time. Recently there has been a breakthrough in the MixLab where the Crew have what they believe to be the Genesis Glitch block. Here the Crew has been able to harness the power of the Glitch and have been able to fractionalize the Genesis Glitch block creating Glitch Pixels.

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