MixMob Player Guide

Gen0 Mask Utility

Gen0 Mask Utility:

MixMob Gen0 Masks are a player's one-of-a-kind identities in the MixMob universe. They are also mutable NFTs that evolve as players level up on their journey. Gen0 Masks combine 2D art, 3D art, sketches, stickers, candy, as well as pop culture, art, music and scientific references. In addition to their refreshing look Gen0 Masks also have the following utilities in our universe:
  • Unlock your avatar/identity
  • Exclusive access to games and tournaments before anyone else
  • Access our gated community and live events
  • Membership to in-game season passes
  • Allowlist to all future collections that are tied to the game, including MixBots and cards
  • Participate in staking programs
  • In-game currency bonuses
  • Unlock exclusive arenas and tracks