Gen0 Mint, Mask Traits and Distribution

Gen0 Mint:

The 5,000 MixMob Gen0 Mask mint took place on December 2, 2021 (Presale) and December 7, 2021 (Public). The Masks were minted for 2 SOL and the collection is exclusively listed on Magic Eden. For a more fair distribution minting was limited to 1 Mask per wallet during Presale and 2 Masks per wallet during the Public sale. Currently there are 1,596 unique holders.

Mask Traits and Distribution:

Gen0 Mask traits are categorized in the following: Common/Uncommon (Pirate Eye Patch, Cigar), Rare (Lego, Neon Goo), Legendary (Gold), and Mythic (Glitch). For a full breakdown of trait distribution see the following Distribution List.
Friendly reminder from the Crew. While your Gen0 Masks may or may not contain the traits you want now your MixMob mask is a mutable NFT which means you will be able to add or remove traits from your Masks in the future.