How does Incentivized Beta affect the MXM Token Presale & Sale?
As noted in the Incentivized Beta section, community members can accumulate IBA Points by completing various Challenges and qualifying for an MXM allocation. A person’s allocation amount will be determined based upon the amount of IBA Points accumulated during Incentivized Beta. The MXM airdrop will take place shortly after the MXM Token Public Sale.
Are the MXM Tokens received from the Incentivized Beta available for sale?
The MXM Tokens received as part of the Incentivized Beta allocation do not have any vesting restrictions and are able to be sold in the open market or used in-game with MixMob: Racer 1 immediately after receipt.
What makes the Turbo Arena Staking model sustainable?
Most project staking models have rewards that come out of a finite pool and when that pool is emptied the rewards dry up or the project needs to print more tokens, therefore, diluting the value of the reward token. MixMob is taking a different approach to token staking that is unique to Racer 1. Through Turbo Arena Staking participants will receive a percentage of the per race revenue generated by the Turbo Arena that they stake their MXM in. Their reward is, based on a dynamic pricing model, is proportionate to the percentage ownership of that Arenas MXM staking pool. For example, if Player A’s MXM stake is equal to 50% of Turbo Arena B’s staking pool then they will receive 50% of each race’s revenue pool.
MixMob believes by rewarding it’s players with actual in-game rewards, and not from a finite pool of tokens, this creates an evergreen flow of staking rewards without impacting the MXM token or in-game economy. On a side note - this will also breed competition and game theory as players will need to decide which Turbo Arena will provide them the most return while providing a referral loop to Racer 1 and their Arenas to make their Turbo Arena the most attractive to race in and keep their SUD$ flowing.
Will MixBot owners receive MXM perks?
Yes! If you purchased a MixBot either during the MixBot Presale or Main Sale you will receive an MXM allocation with a dollar value equal to the dollar value of the # of MixBots you minted at the date of mint. For example, if you minted a MixBot with a dollar value of $100 at the time of the MixBot sale then you will receive $100 in MXM tokens as an airdrop after the main MXM sale, regardless of the dollar value of MixBots at the time of the MXM sale.
Will Gen0 Mask owners receive MXM perks?
Yes, again! If you own a Gen0 Mask at a predetermined snapshot date prior to the MXM Public Sale you will receive a predetermined allocation of MXM per Gen0 Mask owned.