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MixMob: Racer 1 is the pioneering game within the MixMob ecosystem, combining the enjoyment of Mario Kart with the strategic card play elements of Clash Royale. MixMob: Racer 1 marks the genesis of this exciting game world.
MixMob is a Web3 gaming platform where players compete for cryptocurrency through competitive gameplay. They can reinvest their winnings to further increase their winnings and attract more players, benefitting token holders in the process.
Players can:
  • Win money
  • Participate in sweepstakes
  • Bet on other players
  • Sell virtual assets
  • Own a share of the league


MixMob has two different tokens in its ecosystem - MXM and SUD$ (pronounced SUDS).
MXM:The governance token to operate the league and incentivize players to race, buy premium items, participate in the Turbo Arenas, and use various DeFi methods to win more.
SUD$: The in-game currency that is used to claim winnings, buy items, and participate in gameplay mechanics. See SUD$.
Even if someone does not want to race, they can participate in MixMob by holding the tokens for the following reasons:
  • Revenue sharing - get part of the revenues collected by MixMob
  • Referral rewards - bring in players to your Arenas and get SUD$ & MXM
  • Governance - shape the future and rules of the League, Turbo Arena, and Crews