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SUD$ Staking

V1 of our Token Economy Staking is live within our MixLab for our SUD$ Token. Raiders can stake their SUD$ to earn a portion of the 300,000 SUD$ up for emissions. This 300,000 SUD$ represents 30% of the revenue earned by MixMob during Closed Beta and the team wanted to reward those who have helped bring Racer 1 to Incentivized Beta by giving back. SUD$ emissions happen daily based on a staker's proportionate ownership of the SUD$ staking pool. For example, if a staker has staked a SUD$ amount that makes up 50% of the SUD$ staking pool then they will receive 50% of that day's SUD$ emissions.

How to Stake Your SUD$

  1. 1.
    Log into the MixLab
  2. 2.
    Select the SUD$ Staking button from the sidebar
  1. 3.
    Select amount of SUD$ to be staked
  1. 4.
    See your portion of the SUD$ Staking Pool
  1. 5.
    See your dynamic daily emissions
SUD$ Staking will be live through November 1. Come get your portion of free SUD$ and help MixMob build the best DeFi mechanic in Web3 Gaming! See SUD$for more information on how to acquire SUD$.