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Turbo Arenas & Pit Boosts

In MixMob: Racer 1, Turbo Arenas are different places where players race. In the token economy, Turbo Arenas are MixMob's version of liquidity pools. Players join these special racing cicruits that have their own strategic element. Within these Arenas, the game integrates deeper DeFi mechanics inspired by Curve's finance models but simplified with SUD$ and MXM tokens.

Arena Revenues

Turbo Arenas generate revenue through:

Racing in Turbo Arenas

Players challenge each other in Turbo Arenas for crypto PvP matches. Turbo Arenas have entry fees which are paid in SUD$ or MXM, depending on the Turbo Arena, with 10% going to MixMob. Each Turbo Arena has winning and losing affecting returns and at any time different Turbo Arenas may have different rule sets to allow for a unique racing experience each time. Winning a PvP match rewards players with a percentage of tokens from the entry cost pool, allowing for significant returns.
The design of the Turbo Arenas encourages investment in SUD$ or MXM, which in turn supports player skills, revenue sharing, and influence over the future of individual Turbo Arenas.

Betting in Turbo Arenas

Players can bet SUD$ or MXM on racers during live streams as noted in Spectator Mode and Betting. Betting in Racer 1 is sustainable as there is no risk for MixMob's SUD$ or MXM reserves. Users who bet on the winning player receive a portion of the betting pool made for that particular race. A user who makes a winning bet receives a their proportionate return of the betting pool after a 10% rake is taken by MixMob, of which 5% goes to the project treasury and 5% is distributed to the winning racer.

Sweepstakes in Turbo Arenas

Whether winning or losing, MixMob believes every racer should feel like they received something for playing our unique game. In order to make this happen a % of Turbo Arena fees goes into a sweepstakes pool. All players will receive sweepstakes tickets when racing in Turbo Arenas via Gacha mechanics, regardless if the win or lose. Each month the Turbo Arena revenues designated for sweepstakes is raffled off and distributed to the winners.

Staking in Turbo Arenas

Players may opt to stake their MXM tokens in one of the Turbo Arenas for a share of that Turbo Arena's revenue. Turbo Arena Staking use a dynamic pricing model based on demand, which means if more players are staking their MXM in a particular Turbo Arena then that Turbo Arena's yield will go down. The yields come from the Turbo Arena's revenue. A % of the Turbo Arena's overall revenues (Arena profit, rake, exchange fee) is distributed to MXM stakers within Turbo Arenas at a rate proportionate to their % of the staking pool. So, the more MXM you stake the higher your winnings from each race will be. Turbo Arena stakers will receive their yield in SUD$ which they will then be able to choose whether to claim their SUD$ or automatically convert to MXM to restake and increase their proportion of ther staking pool.

Pit Boosts

In addition to their share of arena revenues Turbo Arena stakers will also receive exclusive Pit Boosts when their Turbo Arena makes it to the number 1 spot in the Leaderboards. These Pit Boosts are special NFTs that have special gameplay effects within MixMob: Racer 1. The bigger the liquidity provided the more powerful the boost. Players can sell and trade Pit Boosts. Examples of some Pit Boosts are energy cards, supply pods, and early access to cards).

Turbo Arena Leaderboards & Championships

Turbo Arenas will compete against each other based on overall performance, fees collected, and MXM staking. Monthly championships offer high-tier rewards and the winning arenas split the rewards amongst its members. So not only is it super important to stake your MXM to receive arena revenue it is also super important to recruit other players, new and old, to play in your Turbo Arena to climb the leaderboard. Arenas my incentivize players from other Turbo Arenas to join their Turbo Arena by offering better rates, governance privileges, or exclusive content.

Turbo Arena Referrals

Players staking in Turbo Arenas have motivation to promote their chosen arena. Each successful referral grants the player extra SUD$ and MXM, which they can either stake or utilize in-game.

Turbo Arenas Governance with MXM

Owning and staking MXM, the MixMob governance token, provides you the following benefits:
  • Governance rights for each Turbo Arena you are staked in
    • Allows for voting on Turbo Arena for specific rules, reward distribution, and more
  • Propose and vote on changes to the MixMob League based on the collective MXM staked in your Turbo Arena
  • Vote on new types of Pit Boosts, their frequency, and even their potency
  • Turbo Arenas can be customized. Players who meet particular prerequisites, like owning 10 MixMob Masks, 10 MixBots, and 100 MXM, will be empowered to design their own Turbo Arena. This includes setting the rules, determining the stakes, selecting tracks, and defining rewards.