MixMob Player Guide

Details of the MixMob Raider


Your are a Raider.
While functional, the Gen0 Masks were not designed to take the Uprising to the next level. Gen0 Masks were made to keep you from being captured by HELIX-9 in the early days of the Great Delete and they did their job perfectly. But who wants to huddle underground and never see the light of day? We here in the Crew sure don’t. We want to raid the Surface to race our MixBots, scavenge for MixBot parts, and level up in our quest to overtake HELIX-9 which is why we have been hard at work in the MixLab advancing our Mask tech.
We believe we have created a new Mask better suited for raiding the Surface. They are upgraded versions of your Gen0 Mask. They are lighter, faster, and techier (see Glossary). They are better for parkouring around the Surface as you find an arena to race your MixBot, raid for MixBot parts, escape from incoming C-Bots, or attempt to “awaken” those humans who remain under HELX-9’s control.

Gen0 Traits:

Your Raider persona will retain your original Gen0 Mask traits in a new style. A full visual list of 1:1 traits is listed here: Raider Trait Table coming soon.


Gen0 Mask holders will be able to enter the MixLab, beginning on August 8, 2022, and have the ability to transform their Gen0 Mask into their Raider persona. At any time the Gen0 Mask holder will be able to return to the MixLab to switch back and forth between their Gen0 Mask and Raider persona. Also, due to the artistic remix the Gen0 holder will not be able to separate their Gen0 Mask from their Raider persona. This means if you choose to sell your Gen0 Mask the associated Raider persona will go with it. However, unlike your Gen0 Mask your Raider pesona is non-mutable.