How to Become a MixMob Raider

So you want to become a MixMob Raider and begin your journey towards reclaiming the Surface from HELIX-9 and becoming a MixBot Racing legend? Well let’s see if we can help you on your way.

Step 1: Gen0 Mask

Do you own a Gen0 Mask?
Yes? Proceed to Step 2. No? Check out the Gen0 Masks on sale from members of humanity who would rather succumb to HELIX-9’s domination at How to Buy a MixMob Gen0 Mask.

Step 2: Enter the MixLab

Congratulations! With your Gen0 Mask you are able to enter the MixLab and claim your upgrades. On August 8, 2022, you will need to do the following:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Make sure there are no C-Bots around
  3. 3.
    Connect your Solana Web3 wallet
  4. 4.
    Claim your Raider persona
  5. 5.
    Show off your new look on all your socials and Discord and tag MixMobOrigin
  6. 6.
    Get ready to Quest. Who knows what rewards await you.