MixMob Player Guide
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How can you gain access to the MixLab:

What used to be a top secret location the MixLab is now accessible to all Gen0 Mask holders. You are able to do this virtually from anywhere on the globe as the powers of the Genesis Glitch has enabled the Crew to allow the MixLab to exist in both the physical and virtual realms simultaneously. Gen0 Mask holders are able to access the MixLab via their own private device.
MixLab Location: https://mixlab.mixmob.io/​

What is in the MixLab:

The physical MixLab is where the magic happens. Members of the Crew are working feverishly to constantly remix and develop new and innovative ideas for the members of the MixMob to use to their advantage either in the underground racing circuit or for the battle against HELIX-9. What is currently in the physical MixLab is the following: - Genesis Glitch - Storage unit of Glitch Pixels - Boxes of C-Bot parts - Alpha Bot and Alpha Pilot Collectibles - Various classified works-in-progress

What can you do in the MixLab:

When the Crew sent out the plans for the Gen0 Masks it was done in haste. They had just deciphered the seemingly random code that outlined HELIX-9’s plan and sent out the Gen0 Mask communication. Now that C-Bots have been captured and more information is being gathered daily from Uprising cells around the globe, the Crew realizes we can now do so much more. Currently members of the Uprising can use their individual MixLab to: - Transform their Gen0 Mask into their Raider persona - Stake their Gen0 Masks and SUD$ Tokens - Create & view their MixBots (if they were one of the lucky community members to win one) - See live Leaderboards from each Racer 1 Arena - Link to and play MixMob: Racer 1
More uses of the MixLab will be unlocked as the Crew further unravels the mystery of the Genesis Glitch and Glitch Pixels. The MixLab will be the user's main hub and connection to all things MixMob.

Who runs the MixLab:

The MixLab is overseen by the Crew and the day-to-day operations are run by the Head Scientist and their team of volunteers.