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MixLab Apps

MixBots are a Raiders best friend and the MixLab now allows Raiders to take their Capsules and create their own MixBots.
  1. 1.
    Click on the "MixBots" selection at the top of the MixLab
  2. 2.
    View your current inventory of fully created MixBots as well as all unopened Capsules
  1. 3.
    Select the "Start Here" button at the top of the page or select "Open Capsule" under you available Capsules to begin creating your MixBot
  2. 4.
    Select your Cartridge and B.U.B. and create your new best friend
During Season 0+ we introduced SUD$ Staking in the MixLab where Raiders can stake their SUD$ and receive a proportionate return in Arena revenues in the form of SUD$. See the SUD$ Staking section for more information.
Raider Persona
The first app to be released for the MixLab is for the Raider persona. Here Gen0 Mask holders may decide, at their convenience, whether they want to rock the old-school Gen0 Mask or flex their Raider persona for all to see.
Wondering which Raider is dominating the MixMob: Racer 1 Arenas? Then look no further than a live updated leaderboard for your favorite Arenas right in the MixLab. Keep up with what is going on in your favorite card strategy racing game when you aren't able to enter the Arenas yourself!
More MixLab Apps coming soon....