Questing is an integral part of the MixMob experience.

How Can You Quest:

Questing is done solely through the Quest Engine which can only be accessed in the MixMob Discord.

Onboarding Quest:

Quests are spread throughout the server. For instance, when you first enter the MixMob Discord you will be greeted with an Onboarding Quest where you will get your first taste of the Quest Engine and receive your first MixMob role, Escaped.
In order to start a quest simply type /start. This will initiate the Quest Engine.
When you complete your Quest you must return to the Quest channel in Discord and select the "Claim Reward" button to receive your reward.

Subsequent Quests:

Once you have completed the Onboarding Quest and proven you are not one of HELIX-9's robots you will see The Ladder Category in your sidebar. This is where all the latest general quests will be located.