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The MixBot Allowlist is a list of wallets that will be eligible to join in the sale of MixBots. There is no cap to the amount of wallets on the Allowlist. Only one Allowlist spot is needed per wallet as access to higher level Allowlists also gain access to lower tiers. For example, Wallet A has earned Level 4 Allowlist access. As a result, Wallet A also has access to the sale window of Levels 1 - 3.

How to Get on the Allowlist:

There are three guaranteed ways to achieve Allowlist status:
  • Own a Gen0 Mask
  • Were an integral part in our Racer 1 Alpha testing and own the following Discord Roles:
    • Gen 1 Alpha Pilot
    • Gen 2 Alpha Pilot
    • Gen 3 Alpha Pilot
  • Complete the Allowlist Quest in Discord (not yet live)
Future MixBot owners can also win Allowlist spots in Discord and Twitter contests.