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Capsules, B.U.B.s and Cartridges


Capsules are how the MixLab will initially distribute each Raider their B.U.B. and Cartridge. The Capsule allows the B.U.B. to rest and remain in a relaxed state, not different from a baby inside its mother's womb. The B.U.B. knows it is with its Raider and can safely recharge after racing or raiding the Surface.
Capsules will also come in 4 different rarity tiers, Level 1 - Level 4.


The initial tests of the reprogrammed C-Bots look promising and the first version coming out of the MixLab are B.U.B.s or Base Unit Bots. These B.U.B.s have no traits, are usually docile, and are eager to please. It is not until a Raider inserts specific cartridges into their B.U.B. that the personality and characteristics will be revealed.


Cartridges are what give your B.U.B. its personality and characteristics. The first batch of cartridges will be Mecha and Mutant Cartridges. Only one will be included in each Capsule and Raiders will not know which one they get until they open their Capsule.
Each cartridge will come in 4 different rarity tiers, Level 1 - Level 4 and are equal to the rarity level of their Capsule. Level 4 Cartridges have the highest chance for rare traits, Level 3 has a slightly less chance for rare traits, and so on down to level 1.
In addition, there will be 8 unique MixBots that are spread out evenly throughout the Cartridges. This means that a Level 1 Cartridge will have the same chance as a level 4 cartridge to contain one of the eight Unique MixBots.

Traits & Relationship to MixMob: Racer 1:

Unlike Gen0 Masks, whose traits are purely cosmetic, MixBot traits will have in-game advantages based on the rarity of their traits and an overall trait score we are initially calling Mix Score. More information on these will be released when available. MixLab is hard at work on this point.