MixMob Player Guide
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Questing and Capsule Tiers


As discussed in the Questing section of the MixMob Player Guide, questing is an integral mechanic within the MixMob universe. Questing will have an important role in the MixBot Campaign and how Raiders can improve their Capsule Tier Allowlist and odds in acquiring rare traits. Acquiring a spot on the Allowlist for Tiers 2 - 4 can only happen through Questing.
Everyone on the Allowlist will have access to Tier 1 Capsules. Those who decide to go the extra mile and take part in Questing will be able to earn Mixers to increase your Allowlist access and partake in the Tiers 2 -4 sale.

When Will MixBot Questing Begin?

MixBot questing will begin on November 11, 2022 and will remain open until further notice. All Discord members, whether they own a Gen0 Mask or not, will be able to complete quests and increase their Allowlist access.
The first Quest will be a low level quest and require questers to securely link their Web3 Solana wallet to their Discord ID. This will not only award your first 100 Mixers and award you the Initiated role in Discord, but will also allow for you to receive exclusive airdrops and seamless access and experience to our MixLab. The Initiated role will be required to unlock subsequent Quests in the MixBot campaign over the coming weeks.

When Will MixBot Questing End?

MixBot questing ended on February 17, 2023. The ending of MixBot Questing coincided with the release of the first version of The Ladder. The Top 100 Raiders were able to visually see their rank on The Ladder for the first time and the level of MixBot Allowlist Access they earned from questing. The community was hyped for this and so are we!