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What Are MixBots?

What are MixBots?

MixBots are the result of numerous attempts to understand and harness the technology discovered from the C-Bot that Scavenger 1 captured in the early days of the Uprising. Scientists in the MixLab have attempted to wipe as much of the C-Bot programming as they could, however, latent programming still exists. What does this mean? We can only guess at this point.

Friend or Tool?

The answer is both. MixBots have been created for the primary reason of helping the MixMob in its quest to reclaim the Surface and humanity's culture. It is our main weapon against HELIX-9. Raiders will be able to use the MixBots to remix reality in an attempt to free Surface humans that are under control of the C-Bots and HELIX-9's forced reality. Initially, however, Raiders will need to master and train their MixBots by racing them in global pop-up remixed reality arenas, meshing augmented and physical reality, against fellow Raiders.
The relationship between a Raider and their MixBot will be forged by fire and tested by the stress and chaos of arenas in MixMob: Racer 1. Trust from a Raider's MIxBot is earned and not given. Their bond will grow or diminish based upon a Raider's success in arenas as well as attention afforded to it.

How To Get A MixBot

Completed MixBots cannot be distributed by the MixLab to Raiders. Due to the unstable nature of your B.U.B.s personality they need to be housed inside of Capsules. In order to attain a MixBot you will need to be registered for the Allowlist.