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What is The Ladder?

What is The Ladder?

The Ladder is a ranking system for community and Racer 1 engagement that gives our Gen0 Mask Holders greater status and bigger prizes the higher you climb. Developed by The Crew to not only increase social engagement but also to create seasonal competition amongst our Gen0 Mask Holders for serious prizes and clout.

How it Works?

Over the course of The Flip Web2 Ladder Season, which is approximately 6 weeks, Gen0 Mask Holders will complete Seasonal, Weekly, and Daily challenges, as seen in Flip Web2 Challenges and earn Flip Points. The more Flip Points a Gen0 Mask Holder earns the higher they rank on The Ladder. Climbing The Ladder not only promotes community engagement, project awareness, and utility to Gen0 Masks but also a sense of friendly but fierce competition within the community. Gen0 Mask Holders will attempt to out-earn each other to grab The Ladder's top prizes at the end of each Season.

Flip Point Distribution

Flip Points will be awarded in the following manner:
  1. 1.
    Pop Up Discord Quests - range from 50 - 500 Flip Points
  2. 2.
    Racer 1 Challenges - 10 - 150 Flip Points
  3. 3.
    Daily Discord check-in w/ Quest Engine - 10 Flip Points
  4. 4.
    Discord Games - Various Flip Points

Prepare For Anything

The Flip Web2 Season of The Ladder is all about our Gen0 Mask Holders, MixBots, and our MXM Token. Gen0 Mask Holders will be challenged to to keep up with their fellow Holders, both in Racer 1 and within the community.

What's Next?

In future Seasons you can look forward to a trait-based Ladder that will reward crews based on their Gen0 Mask traits, added Gen0 Mask utility, and much more.