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How Does QuantumStaking Work?

QuantumStaking is MixMob's version of staking. Raiders can stake their Gen0 Masks in the MixLab and earn points that they can then use to buy epic items in our store. Currently QuantumStaking is in V1 with limited functionality, however, QuantumStaking V2 is under production and on its way.
QuantumStaking V1 will run through July 2, 2023.

How Can You QuantumStake Your Gen0 Mask?

Enter into your browser of choice and connect your Solana Wallet.
Sign the authentication message with your Solana Wallet.
Navigate over to the Staking Tab on the left hand side of the MixLab.
Select your Gen0 Mask(s) that you want to QuantumStake and click the "Stake Selected" button or just click the "Stake All" button. Conversely, if you want to stake your Gen0 Masks individually you can do that as well by just clicking the "Stake" button under each Gen0 Mask.
Sign the transaction approval in your Solana Wallet and your Gen0 Masks are QuantumStaked and earning points for you to spend in the MixMob store.

How Can I Unstake My Gen0 Mask?

Taking your Gen0 Masks out of QuantumStaking is just as easy as putting them in. All you have to do is select your Gen0 Masks that you want to remove from the QuantumStaking and click the "Unstake Selected" button or just click the "Unstake All" button. Also, you are able to unstake your Gen0 Masks one at a time by clicking the "Unstake" button under each staked Gen0 mask.
However, I wouldn't unstake your Gen0 Masks during V1 as your points earned will be wiped out and you will start from zero points if you restake.