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QuantumStaking Rewards

How To Earn Staking Rewards:

Each Gen0 Mask that is QuantumStaked earns one point per minute. In order to claim those points Raiders must have their Gen0 Masks QuantumStaked at July 2, 2023. All Gen0 Masks that are QuantumStaked at July 2, 2023, will have their points added to the Quest Engine.
If a Raider takes their Gen0 Mask out of QuantumStaking prior to July 2, 2023, the points that had accumulated will be lost and the Mask will start at 0 points when restaked.

What Can I Use My Points For?

Points earned and claimed from QuantumStaking will be able to be redeemed in our marketplace for epic prizes. V1 of the mareketplace will be open on July 2, 2023 to coincide with the awarding of points from QuantumStaking.
Points may be redeemed in the V1 marketplace for the following:
  • Tourney tickets - unique tickets for Raiders to unlock $$-based tourneys
  • Glitch Pixels
  • SUD$ Bundles
  • MixBot Capsules
  • Masks