🎮Competitve Edge Mechanics

Racing your bots is more than just changing lanes and playing cards. There are more advanced competitive gameplay mechanics a Raider can use to gain an edge over their competition. While the following mechanics are available to all players it is the ones who master how and when to use them that will come out on top.


Players can take advantage of decreased air resistance behind their opponent's bot. This is called Slipstreaming. Staying behind your opponent will slightly increase your bot's speed, giving you a chance to catch up even without using your boosters. Remaining in the same lane as your opponent will increase your speed even more.

Core Booster

If you feel your bot's speed is not quite fast enough and you're out of speed boost cards then you can always use your Core Boosters to give you a little more "oomph." But use this mechanic wisely as using your Core Booster depletes your bot's health the longer you use it. Once your health reaches a certain level the Core Booster will be disabled until you heal your bot up.

You can access your bots Core Booster by pressing the "W" or "Up Arrow" keys during gameplay.


The arenas are getting glitchier and glitchier. Beware of nasty Obstacles that can appear in front of you at any moment. They will slow you down or something worse.


Rubbing is racing. Colliding with an opponent can be a strategy worth perfecting as it will damage your opponent's bot. However, be mindful of your own bot's health as these collisions will damage your bot as well.

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