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What can you expect from an Beta Game?
Beta Game is a vertical slice of the early game build for limited release so the development team can obtain player impressions on some of the gameplay dynamics and gather aggregate feedback. It’s is sometimes still considered an Alpha build for testing, that is mostly available for early adopters/supporters and limited external testers, and does not represent a complete game. The game has several new features that were not present in the Alpha version(s) of the game.
What a Beta Game is not?
Beta Game is not a full-scope game and doesn’t have all the features that are planned to be implemented during the next development stages. Beta will consist of further live-ops bug fixing and new feature implementation during a 24-hour ongoing live build.
What benefits does a Beta Game give to the players?
  • Inclusivity in the game development process.
  • The chance to further test the latest game build.
  • An opportunity to provide valuable feedback and suggestions that may be addressed and implemented during the live-ops Beta stages.
  • The ability to earn SUD$ tokens very early before the game goes public by providing valuable feedback, suggestions, bugs/hacks information, referrals, and engagement in discussions about the Beta Game on social media
Does the Beta Game offer an opportunity to earn other NFTs?
No, the Beta Game does not provide any NFTs to be earned, this functionality will be added in the next development cycles.
Does the Beta Game have any of tokens?
Yes, Beta Game does offer in-game tokens called SUD$ that are used to pay a Arena entry fee as well as predictions made in our Spectator mode.
What's expected from the players who get access to the Beta Game?
  • Provide first-look feedback, and elaborate on the overall perception of core gameplay.
  • Help debug the game by organizing and communicating bugs which are crashing, hanging, or breaking the experience.
  • Suggestions to tweak features, such as core gameplay, game balance, and Tournament styles.
  • Suggestions to re-colour or change Asset/UI/UX.
  • Become an Alpha Pilot and refer others to the MixMob Racer 1 for honor, glory, and rewards!
  • Get rewarded with SUD$ tokens that will be airdropped to the players based on their engagement on social media, referrals, feedback, bugs/hacks information, and suggestions on how to improve the game.
  • Additional news, updates, and tokens are provided as a bonus for the most engaged performers.
Does the player need to pay in order to play the Beta Game?
Technically yes, everyone has to pay an entry fee to PvP Arenas represented in SUD$. However, during Beta we have instituted a F2P (Free to Play) Arena for those who want to try out the Beta before purchasing SUD$ and play against other players in the PvP Arenas. There is also a small transactional fee in SOL.
How can I get more SUD$ tokens?
How do I play the game?
How can i tell if my Gen0 Mask is a scam?
MixMob is a Solana-powered blockchain game; therefore, any MixMob Masks that are on the other blockchains are automatically scams and can’t provide any intrinsic value nor give you the chance to play the game. The only official place where Masks can be purchased is Magic Eden, where valuable information such as attributes, rarity, and official MixMob verification is stored. See How to Buy a MixMob Gen0 Mask.
What is the security ToolTip for?
Security tooltip checks the Masks available in the wallet and whether they’re officially minted by MixMob. In other words, the tooltip verifies the Mask’s metadata to authenticate the Masks and that is done by signing the message via Solana Wallets. We highly recommend using Phantom Wallet as it’s considered one of the most user-friendly wallets in the crypto space to make your onboarding faster and more pleasant.
Where can I log issues and get support from the team?
A player can send a message to get the support needed by clicking on the “Feedback” button in the game main menu. Alternatively, a player can send a direct email to [email protected] or visit our Discord and we will be happy to assist.
How can I troubleshoot an issue by myself?
More often than not, a simple solution, such as clearing the cache in the browser, can help in various situations. This will be especially true once the bugs you see in one build are fixed in the newer build, but they still appear visible. It will likely be an effect of the old cache that sits in the browser and prevents a player from seeing the most updated version of the game. Cache can be cleared in the browser settings or by using various keyboard combinations depending on the browser/platform.
What if Solana experiences downgraded performance during gameplay?
Sometimes the Solana network experiences intermittent periods of congestion which affects the performance of the game. A solution from the SolanaLabs team is in the works and the improvements are expected to drastically improve the ability of the Solana network to process transactions in a predictable manner. Simultaneously, the MixMob team plans to roll out our own solution to address the effects of degraded network performance for those who have been affected by it.
What if my problem isn't covered by this FAQ?
For questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or come visit our Discord and get live responses to your questions. Discord: