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Betting FAQ

What is Betting in MixMob?
Betting in MixMob is a way to put your support behind a racer while you are in spectator Mode. Using SUD$ you can place a bet on which racer that is being streamed will win that particular race.
Do I have to place a bet while I am spectating a race?
No. You are free to spectate races and chat with other spectators without placing any bets.
How much can I bet on a race?
For Closed Beta, Raiders will only be allowed to bet 50 SUD$ per race.
How much can I win from a single bet?
The amount a Raider can win from placing a successful bet is a variable amount based on the size of the betting pool containing all the bets less a percentage of 10% of the betting pool. The 10% fee gets distributed as follows: 5% goes to the racer that won the race 5% goes to MixMob
An example of a payout is as follows: Raider A places a 50 SUD$ bet on Racer B. The total bet pool at the start of the race is 900 SUD$ (10 bets on Racer B & 9 bets on Racer A). If Racer B wins the bet pool payout is (i) Racer B 45 SUD$ (5%), (ii) MixMob 45 SUD$ (5%), and (iii) Raider A 86 SUD$.
How long do I have to wait to receive my winnings?
Winnings are distributed immediately after the race is over. Transaction time is dependent on Solana congestion.
What happens if all the bets are placed on the same racer?
In the rare occurrence that all bets are placed on the same racer then betting for that race will be considered null and void and the 50 SUD$ bet will be returned.