MixMob NFT Journey
How to Buy a MixMob Gen0 Mask
This section assumes you have experience with browser-based Web3 wallets such as Phantom and that you have Solana tokens in the wallet.
MixMob Gen0 Masks are exclusively found on the Magic Eden NFT Marketplace at https://magiceden.io/marketplace/mixmob.

As MixMob Gen0 Masks are NFTs they ultimately live on the Solana Blockchain. In order to purchase your Gen0 Mask from an NFT Marketplace you will need a Web3 wallet with Solana tokens. The first step in your journey to becoming a Gen0 Mask holder is to download your Web3 wallet. MixMob’s wallet of choice is the Phantom wallet which can be found here: https://phantom.app/​

This can be done any number of ways from purchasing Solana on crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, FTX, or the exchange of your choice and then transferring them to you Web3 wallet. Make sure you are aware of the floor price of the Gen0 Mask collection and how many Masks you are looking to buy.

Finally you will go to the MixMob Gen0 Mask collection on Magic Eden and purchase your forever Mask. Welcome to the MixMob family!
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Step 1: Download your preferred Web3 wallet.
Step 2: Load your wallet with Solana tokens.
Step 3: Find your forever Gen0 Mask